Rsx Ps Loop Fittings

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RSX/EP3 EM2 01-05. Clutch lines & More PS Loops PS Loops. Categories. Brake lines, Clutch lines & More. EG/DC/EK Power Steering Hard Line Loop. Product no.: FL.

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Attention Acura Integra Visitor:. 4th Generation Acura RSX (2002. that threads into the rack use the U shaped tube from your PS reservoir and loop the rack.

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Our Power Steering Rack Loop Kit is designed to loop the inlet and outlet ports of the steering rack. Perfect for those who are removing their power steering pump and lines to clean up the engine bay or looking to have a stiffer feeling steering rack.

Club RSX Message Board > GENERAL RSX > Problems & Solutions RSX: Power steering line removal. the line goes in to the PS. fittings on the hard line parts.

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Vehicle Loop Detectors; Photoeyes;. Post Fittings Show 20 40 80 160 (1-20. #CL-FLOOR-FLANGE-PS. View More. $11.77 – $19.93. Chain Link Floor Flange.

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Buy K-Tuned Universal A/C and PS Elimination Kit KP-UNV-385. Acura RSX. 2002 Acura RSX. back and to do something about your power steering whether that be loop.

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K-Tuned Power Steering Line Kit is a replacement kit for the RSX, and some swap applications. The line and fittings are designed to handle the extreme pressures that the power steering pump, which can see over 1,000 psi.

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DIY: Power Steering Removal!!. create a loop between the fittings. no clamps are. I had no ps in my rsx when I was turbo Im glad to have it back good wirte.